[osg-users] util::Smoother not working with 2.9.12 while its working with 3.0.1

Abhishek Bansal discover.ab at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 06:36:42 PST 2013


I am trying to develop a plugin which loads IGES file. I am getting Indexed triangle list using OpenCascade. I am using osgUtil::smoother to calculate normals. on final mesh.

My problem is that i get proper normals in OSG 3.0.1. But in OpenSceneGraph 2.9.12 i dont get any normals (i cant see any shading in viewer). For some unavoidable reasons i need to use OSG 2.9.12 only in my application. 
I have also tried calculating normals manually and setting them in normal array along with geometry but that also is not working in OSG 2.9.12.

here is how I am using smoothing visitor on geode


osgUtil::SmoothingVisitor sv;

Please tell me if anymore information is required. I am sure that my mesh is correct. as its working fine in OSG 3.0.1

Thank you!


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