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Jorge Izquierdo Ciges jorizci at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 06:21:07 PST 2011


We are sending the Cmake/android to osg-submissions in two steps. As it is
right now the Osg Cmake Script the code changes in the script made it hard
to mantain so we decided to propose new OSG Cmake script which could be more
cleaner and better in handling platform issues. If that is accepted then we
will use it to make accesible in a second submission the Android macros.

As for today we are publishing a note on the gvsig3d page and some videos of
HTC Nexus One and Archos 70 IT runing my examples. Also we are publishing an
apk for the people to test. It will be great to know issues on different
kinds of devices.

The example only has a triangle, and if you can put under
"//mnt//storage//sdcard//" a file cessna.osgt (properly converted) you will
see it visible. I'm working in an apk with file integration for better
testing. Also i'm working in combining Android ui elements and the ndk code.

Gvsig3D news post(youtube)
Test Apk http://www2.ai2.upv.es/difusion/OSG_Android/osgViewerGLES1.apk.zip

2011/2/26 Jorge Izquierdo Ciges <jorizci at gmail.com>

> I'm not missing, just stupid fails in my testing have delayed my initial
> planning. If there are no more fails (I hope so) in no time i'll present the
> cmake and a modified viewer example for you to rip it and test it.
> 2011/2/21 Thomas Hogarth <thomas.hogarth at gmail.com>
>> Hi Jorge
>> >>The current Status is... aparently fully functional.
>> Great news, well done to you and your team, I hadn't progressed far at
>> all. I decided to make the jump to linux and then got rather side tracked
>> :).
>> I'd be more then happy to do some testing etc for you guys once you've
>> finished your tidy pass
>> Congrats again
>> Tom
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