[osg-users] Problems with TBO Texture Buffer Object's

Johannes Schüth account at jotschi.de
Mon Nov 30 10:15:13 PST 2009


robertosfield wrote:
> Your GL code segment actually uses PBO's in it... :-)

Yep :) I think TBO's use PBO calls because its also a buffer object. Bu of course i use GL_TEXTURE_BUFFER_EXT.

robertosfield wrote:
> Do you have to use PBO's with texture buffer?  Or can you just pass
> the data directly as per normal textures?

I'm not quite sure which approach is the most fitting for my usecase. 

I want to be able to create mat4's within my shader. The floats for the mat4's comes out of the tbo and of course the floats are very dynamic since the mat is calculated within my main program loop. So i need way to fetch floats within my shader which do not cost much update time. ( Time to update the uniform value ).

As far as i know:
1. bindable uniforms reduce the update time since you just swap the attached buffer object. 
2. tbo's are 1d textures that can hold a huge amount of floats.

Do you have a idea which approach/usage of extensions would be the efficient one for my usecase?



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