[osg-users] VPB binaries execution question - "procedure entry point H5Dopen not found in hdf5dll.dll"

Fabrício Cardoso fabricardoso at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 07:48:37 PST 2009


I just started out with OpenSceneGraph and I was asked to study how to
build terrains from heightmaps using osgTerrain. Searching around OSG
resources, I came upon Virtual Planet Builder and decided to give it a
try. So, using SVN, I obtained OSG 2.9.5 and the VPB version which is
compatible with it. Also, I installed FWTools 2.4.6 to obtain GDAL
(libsquish was not included in it, but I found in the forums that is
was not really necessary, so I ignored...). Both OSG and VPB built
just fine with Visual Studio 8.0.
Following the osgdem guide whose link to it is pasted below, when I
tried to execute the osgdem application (or the other VPB apps), the
following message was shown: "The procedure entry point H5Dopen could
not be located in the dynamic link library hdf5dll.dll." and the
program closed. I looked for references to H5D within the solution
code, but couldn't find anything, and the mentioned dll exists in the
bin folder of FWTools. I also quickly searched around the mailing list
files, but no success as well... So, I'm kind of lost.
Can someone help me, please?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Fabricio Silva

Link to the guide:

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