[osg-users] Problems with TBO Texture Buffer Object's

Johannes Schüth account at jotschi.de
Mon Nov 30 03:44:27 PST 2009


I'm not quite sure but it seems that 

is something different than:

Although the way of binding the buffer seems initially the same. 

I just want to use float's within my shader and beeing able to exchange the values quite fast. 

When storing floats within a sampler2d uniforms you have to reinitalise the texture each time you change a piece of your data (texture).

When using texture buffer objects you just have to rebind the data object which is in my mind faster than texture reinitialization. See http://www.jotschi.de/?p=424 for a opengl example.

I belive pbo's can't be used within glsl? Tbo's can. Maybe thats the difference?

Thank you!


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