[osg-users] Organising Geodes and Drawables

Martin Beckett mgb at mgbeckett.com
Fri Nov 27 13:42:49 PST 2009

I have an object with separate component eg: a top, bottom and an outline.

I have a choice of storing a group with each component in a separate osg::Geode but the outline points are shared by the top and bottom and I would rather not have data duplicate. There are a lot of points because the components are derived from a scanner.

If I store them as drawables in the same Geode, I can create a surface mesh of just the top and bottom by having the same vertex array and different Geometry drawables.

A couple of questions:
osg::Geometry doesn't have a nodemask - how can I control which drawables are drawn?
If I only want to draw one component do I have to create a drawable listing the index in the vertex array of all the points?
Or is there any easy way to say, draw points 0-n, or n-m 

Thank you!

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