[osg-users] [ANN] The book OpenSceneGraph Design and Implementation is published

Wang Rui wangray84 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 06:40:43 PST 2009

Hi Pierre,

Is the project open source? Or just funded by some companies or
organizations? I'd like to always work with open source teams with passion
and without any price. :) Otherwise, I would be glad to help after ensuring
that it won't affect my current work too much. I'm working for Beijing
Geo-Vision Co. (www.jx4.com) as a 3d GIS software engineer.

Wang Rui

2009/11/26 Pierre Bourdin (gmail) <bourdin at imerir.com>

> Dear Wang,
> I just wanted to add a small question off the mailing-list.
> I've seen in the mail, you have been collaborating with many Chinese
> Universities among which some people of the Beijing Forestry
> University...
> I am just starting a project about Virtual Landscape Visualization with
> Xavier Pueyo from the University of Girona (SPAIN) and Marc Jaeger from
> the CIRAD (France), and other partners...
> I know Marc Jaeger is working with a lot with Chinese Partners, since he
> was one of the joint Director of the LIAMA (Sino/French Laboratory for
> Computer Sciences: http://liama.ia.ac.cn/wiki/)
> Could you be interested in collaborating with us on an international
> project on the topic of Landscape Visualisation ?
> Nothing is started yet, but we are already looking for partners.
> Regards, Pierre.
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