[osg-users] [osgPlugins] osganimation plugin and static linking

Kazimir De Paris stratboy61 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 07:05:32 PST 2009

Hey Robert,

Thank you for the information.
There is no application so far, but I am currently evaluating OpenSceneGraph for the purpose of being used as the 3D engine for a game development studio that I am planning on starting up.
I have not gone through the whole GPL license yet.  I assumed that the OpenSceneGraph Public License allowed me to freely distribute my binaries (meaning "selling my games") though.

Embedding the source code was a quick hack to avoid struggling with a static library issue (and I think that there is no way to have the osganimation plugin statically linked as of today).

I have no intention to distribute source code ; I want to sell games, and probably use OpenSceneGraph to make them, if it suits my needs.
I will double-check whether the OpenSceneGraph license lets me do that or not.


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