[osg-users] High CPU usage problems with multi-monitor(TwinView) using Nvidia card, osg2.8

Lv Qing donlvqing at msn.com
Wed Nov 25 05:46:21 PST 2009


Here is my setup:

-- Intel Core 2 6420 2.13GHZ
-- 3G RAM
-- Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 (drivers: 2009-3-9)
-- winxp sp2,vs2005
-- osg2.8

In single monitor mode everything is working fine.When I run my application,CPU usage is a constant 10%~15%.

But when I use two monitors and set the Nvidia card to "TwinView" mode ,the CPU usage dramatically raise to 

50%.It is basically using an entire CPU core since I use a 2 core machine.Then I find the same problem happens when 

I run any OSG example or any OSG application in TwinView mode!It is OK when I use other multi-monitor mode such as 

"horizontal pan ".

So I think maybe it is something wrong with the OSG2.8 and the "TwinView" mode of Nvidia card?

Any one can help me?

Thank you!


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