[osg-users] Height fields implementation

Janna Terde brjanna at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 14:34:20 PST 2009

Hi Chris and Robert,

Thank you very much for your replies! 

For now I think I will postpone using VPB. I will have a lot of different types of data and would need to see how to go around processing it into one standard. 

Currently I am subdividing my height map into smaller ones and rendering several separate HeightFields. This at least gives me fast geometry update. However I believe that using plain HeightFields is not good. But since I got the problems with the TerrainTile/HeightFieldLayer as I mentioned before I have no choice.

Robert, if you have any idea why do I have these problems (see in my previous post) I will be very happy to hear your suggestions!

I am thinking eventually to look into vertex shader option as it might be the fastest one. Currently I am implementing a prototype version to see how fast/slow things can get.

I want to say thanks again for your help! This forum is a great support for osg users, especially new ones! 


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