[osg-users] CompositeViewer context cleanup and missing textures

J.P. Delport jpdelport at csir.co.za
Tue Nov 24 07:32:42 PST 2009

Hi J-S,

J.P. Delport wrote:
> Hi J-S,
> Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
>> Hi again,
>>> I haven't had a chance to check your code yet, give me a few minutes 
>>> and I'll check if there's anything amiss that I can see.
>> I'm sorry to say I can't repro here on Windows Vista, VC++ 2005 on SVN 
>> head. But it seems that you've pinned it down to the texture pool as I 
>> thought, though it would seem to be OS specific? A bit weird.
> maybe I've missed an update in the last week, will try the latest SVN.

Latest SVN indeed works as expected. I must have been using a dud 
version from somewhere in svn land.

Sorry for the noise folks... move right along... nothing to see here...

>> Sorry I couldn't help more.

Someone saying: "Hey, it works for me" is enough sometimes.


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