[osg-users] TriStripVisitor issue

Tanguy Fautre tanguyf at ARISTECHNOLOGIES.COM
Tue Nov 24 06:55:50 PST 2009

Hi Robert,


The latest revision is 1.10, Beta 5 (09/06/2005). Don't let the Beta
name scare you, it's actually probably the most stable release due to
several bug fixes.

I suggest you spend a few minutes reading all the interface/feature
changes that were incorporated into the 1.10 release (they're detailed
on the TriStripper main page).

The portability of the TriStripper lib has improved significantly in the
latest releases. I'm hoping you won't have to make as many modifications
as you had to in the past (I think the throw/catch is gone).

After a quick look at the header, I've noticed protections against
min/max macros that will cause a hard failure when those are detected
(which you probably want to avoid in a library such as OSG). Thinking
about it now, this is a bit harsh as I've learned since now how to avoid
macro expansion. For example, replacing

const size_t Overlap = std::min(PossibleOverlap, size());


const size_t Overlap = (std::min)(PossibleOverlap, size());

will avoid the macro replacement and use the std function instead.

Keep me posted on how it goes and I'll look into syncing the TriStripper
code with the OSG modifications.


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Hi Tanguy,

Thanks for chipping in. Could you point me at the latest rev your
tri-stripper code.

One thing we will need to do is report your tri-stripping code to all
the compilers/platform that the OSG users put it through, as we've had
to merge quite a few build fixes over the years.  For the OpenGL ES
port I also had to remove the use of throw/catch from the tristripper
code.  It would be good to roll these changes back into your
tri-stripper code.

Good luck with your release,

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