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If you have not done so I would recommend grabbing the PDF from
http://www.osgbooks.com/ especially
http://www.osgbooks.com/books/osg_qs.html they are free in PDF form, the
Quick start guide will answer many of the basic newbie questions

Also check out the over 140+ examples that come with OSG's source and

Also check mail archives as many basic question have been answered many

1) Y is North is 0.0  Y+ into the Screen, X is East  X+ to right, and Z
is UP

2) All nodes have automatically calculated Bounding spheres ( when you
add children), Drawables / Geometry have bounding boxes

3) Basic collision detection Is done with line segments, if you want
geometry to geometry the you may need to write your own or find a tool
kit that's out there

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I just started using openScenegraph and it has been pretty smooth for me
till now. I am making a simple racquet-ball game for my VR class (using
a CAVE system). I have some basic questions to ask..

1. What coordinate system does OSG follow ?
Right handed, I presume ? Also, x points to East ? Y up or into the
screen ? I couldn't find the thumb diagram on the website. Can you guys
please refer me to the right convention or link ?

2. How do I generate Bounding box/ bounding sphere for a given box/
sphere geometry? Can this information be embedded in the model and
extracted using any of the plugins ?

3. Is there something pre-defined for collision detection-resolution wrt
Bounding box and bounding sphere in osg ?

I am exploring ways to handle the collision between the wall and the
ball and not sure if there are things already built-in open scenegraph
that I can use or do I have to write code to handle that ?

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you!

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