[osg-users] newbie question about osgTerrain yet again

Anton Lauridsen anton.lauridsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 14:02:27 PST 2009


> It's usually best to break this up into smaller tiles. OSGDEM/VPB uses 64x64 tiles, and
> LODs each group of four of those into a smaller 64x64 tile, etc, etc. 

Thanks for the quick reply, 2 million polys shouldn't be able to pull the framerate that far down, especially since the stats show that the gpu is hardly busy at all, almost all time is spent in the CPU, is there a way for me to prevent the CPU from processing the terrain?

But I'm ok with slizing things up into 64x64 hunks.

> I am not familiar with this class. 

osgTerrain has a ContourLayer class, which takes a 1 dimensional transferfunction (osg::TransferFunction1D), the osgTerrain has a section of code where that ContourLayer is assigned to the ColorLayer of the terraintile. I assumed that the intention was to use color bands for depicting the altitude (contour) of the terrain, but maybe I'm mistaken

Thank you!


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