[osg-users] newbie question about osgTerrain yet again

Anton Lauridsen anton.lauridsen at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 12:28:10 PST 2009


By searching the forums I have found quite a few questions regarding the use of osgTerrain, but somehow I have never found a satisfactory solution.

I have - by using the osgTerrain example code - constructed a heightmap based terraintile.

I'm having two issues, the terrain is ridiculously slow, showing about 15 fps for a 1024x1024 map. showing a huge amount of time in the draw phase, what have I done wrong?

The other, which surprises me a bit, is how the osgTerrain::ContourLayer is applied, I would have expected the ContourLayer to apply to the Z axis rather than the X axis as can be seen on the attached image, what have I done wrong there?

Thank you!


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