[osg-users] Running VPBMaster

Chris 'Xenon' Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Mon Nov 23 09:01:50 PST 2009

Jacob Armstrong wrote:
> Well, let me ask you this then...I launched vpbmaster.exe passing in a
> list of 490 bitmaps with --xt, --yt, --xx, --yy, and --t arguments.
> Earlier in this thread I showed the last line output to the screen. It
> has generated a .task file at Level 0, 16 at Level 3, and 256 at Level
> 7. It sat for 2 days without doing anything. All 4113 tasks were still
> pending after 2 days. How long do you think it would normally take for
> 4113 tasks to at least begin running? Also, isn't there something I can
> do with the build_master.source file? Can't I cancel the run and pass
> the .source file to osgdem or vpbmaster? How does it work? Forget about
> what it's doing now...what is it supposed to do?

  One thing I would try off the top of my head is to set the notify level up higher:


  and see if any warnings are being overlooked. A common problem many people have is that
osgDEM.exe is not in their path or can't be run for some reason.

  Also, you might try launching OSGDEM by itself (as you originally did before upgrading
to the whole VPB kit) with the same input data, and make sure it doesn't report any
issues. OSGDEM can be easier to debug since it's just one local process and not a
distributed build.

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