[osg-users] [forum] OSG Forum image attachments

Art Tevs arti_tevs at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 23 02:09:46 PST 2009


ok, I tried to post some images and was stopped by the mailing list, because to big :) There is a limitation of 300KB on the mailing list side. On the forum side, I see the problem. The thumbnail of the attachment is the downsized version with strange colors. I'll check this. However, if one do click on the thumbnail the full image is shown, without any filters. So, either the forum software do resize the attachment before submitting to the list or the mailing list software do resize the image attachments before posting to the world.
So, I will try to check first. Could you try to post some big image (greater than 300KB) to the mailing list in this thread, to make sure that not the second case is responsible for the issue?


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