[osg-users] Develop a scalable binary file format for native OSG scenes?

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Sun Nov 22 12:58:07 PST 2009

I love the idea of an extensible binary format. Good work.

Robert Osfield wrote:
> The extension .osg would be the appropriate thing for a native .osg
> format.  An appropriate header could say which version of is
> represented in the file.  Perhaps a .osgb could be used for a binary
> if needed.

I'd recommend using a new unique extension for a new format, unless 
someone wants to take responsibility to fix OSG's plugin mechanism so 
that it is more robust in the presence of different formats using the 
same extension. See the thread "Plugin extension registry" from last 
June for a summary of the issue.

Both ".osg" and ".osgb" are presently in use (".osgb" is the file format 
used by the osgBullet project at Google Code).

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