[osg-users] Rendering on two GPUs under linux

Jan Ciger jan.ciger at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 05:53:03 PST 2009

Hi Roman,

"Roman Grigoriev" <grigoriev at gosniias.ru> wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank you guys for your replies. You see, I have to setup 3 screens - one
>  master screen with menues and two stereo screens for HMD (800*600) w/o
>  menues. So SLI is not an option for me. Also I find some troubles using
>  QT+osg on 3 screens under KDE. When I use only osg w/o QT all works fine
>  across all three screens, but if I use QT like in osg examples viewers on
>  separate X scrrens not drawing because I have to setup screen number to
>  QT. I'm start thinking of separation QT part from osg and have two
>  application. If someone already make such application please give me a
>  hint how to make it.

To avoid issues with Qt (mainly thread safety) and the need for 3+ screens, I 
am typically using two apps - one OSG-based, to render the simulation and 
another one with Qt, running on a separate machine to control it. They were 
talking to each other using CORBA (RPC). I am using OmniORB for that part, it 
is fairly easy to use. 

CORBA/networking may sound like an overkill, but it lets you have your control 
GUI on another machine while the main machine drives the simulation and may be 
inaccessible (e.g. back projected wall driven from some back room like in my 
case). The ability to keep the control GUI in front of the screen on a 
separate computer is great then.


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