[osg-users] Rendering on two GPUs under linux

Roman Grigoriev grigoriev at gosniias.ru
Fri Nov 20 22:55:06 PST 2009

Thank you guys for your replies. You see, I have to setup 3 screens - one master screen with menues and two stereo screens for HMD (800*600) w/o menues. So SLI is not an option for me.
Also I find some troubles using QT+osg on 3 screens under KDE. When I use only osg w/o QT all works fine across all three screens, but if I use QT like in osg examples viewers on separate X scrrens not drawing because I have to setup screen number to QT.
I'm start thinking of separation QT part from osg and have two application. If someone already make such application please give me a hint how to make it.  

Thank you!


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