[osg-users] Rendering on two GPUs under linux

Jan Ciger jan.ciger at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 13:13:24 PST 2009

"Roman Grigoriev" <grigoriev at gosniias.ru> wrote:
> Hi,Robert
> Thanx for you reply. But you see I'm sure that under windows it's not
>  possible to render  on two Geforce cards and nvidia guys told me that I
>  need to buy Quadro. My app works fine and do some render but only one GPU
>  calculate graphics. And in SLI mode you have only one virtual GPU visible
>  to OS. And that's why I decide to move on linux. Today only CUDA can work
>  on two Geforce under windows, and nvidia cuts some functionality in
>  Geforce cards. When I run my code on linux I haven't got any speedup of
>  using two GPUs. And that's why I ask about this subject.

Roman, you can set your system up in such way that each GPU is assigned one X 
screen (not Twinview where you have one large desktop stretched over the 
cards). Then OSG will use two graphic contexts and render on both cards for 

On the other hand, I doubt that you will see much of a speedup compared to a 
single card. If you are rendering for an HMD and do not have some kind of 
special, high-end high resolution one, you are most likely bound by the CPU 
and not the GPUs. Usual HMDs that I have seen have resolutions from about 
320x240 (low end) up to about 1280x1024 (decent, expensive stuff like Kaiser) - 
the GPU you are mentioning should be able to cope with that easily. 



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