[osg-users] Height fields implementation

Janna Terde brjanna at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 11:24:15 PST 2009


I am trying to create a height field with the decent framerate (using for example 2000 by 2000 height map). I read on this forum that using osg Height Field class in not recommended because I would have to use ShapeDrawable which will slow things down.

I created a height field geometry myself (using triangular stripes). Basically for each column in the height map I created a triangular stripe. 
Unfortunately I got very bad performance (2 times slower than using osg HeightField class). 
I am wondering what can be a problem. Could it happen because I create too many osg nodes (I doubt it) or am I missing something else?
I will appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you very much!


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