[osg-users] Mac bundle distribution can't use plugin

Filip Wänström filip.wanstrom at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 05:36:14 PST 2009


I have problems with distributing self-contained applications on the
mac. I have reduced my issues by building a very simple example that
basically only opens a window and loads an .obj file.

Using OSG_NOTIFY_LEVEL=INFO (DEBUG is the same + a lot more, but
unrelated) I get the following output:

[filip at MPQ]:[~/Documents/Code/OSGTests/]$
GraphicsContext::setWindowingSystemInterface() 0xc0e930 0xa13c50
Initiating ....
Constructing BasicApp 1
Listing plugins
plugin: /Users/filip/Documents/Code/OSGTests/_CPack_Packages/Darwin/DragNDrop/BasicApp-1.0.0-Darwin/BasicApp.app/Contents/PlugIns/osgPlugins-2.9.6/osgdb_obj.so
Found file: "data/models/clogo.obj"
Opened DynamicLibrary osgPlugins-2.9.6/osgdb_obj.so
Warning: Could not find plugin to read objects from file
Failed to load model

This seems self contradictory to me...

So as far as I can tell:
1) the bundled osglibs are found correctly and the app starts
2) the file in the Resources directory in the app bundle is found correctly
3) the right plugin is chosen and found in the app bundle
PlugIns/osgPlugins-2.9.6 directory
4) The lib is opened ok
5) it fails

All .dylibs/.so are copied from my /usr/local/ osg install into the app bundle

I tried to see if there were some hidden depencies on osgdb_obj.so
using otool but as far as I could tell there were no extra Non-system

I'm at a loss here and tearing my nonexistent hair. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.


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