[osg-users] OpenGL ES-2.0, OpenGL ES-1.1 and OpenGL 3.x support now ready for testing :-)

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 11:13:43 PST 2009

Hi All,

Over the past week I've had my head down beavering away on porting the
OpenSceneGraph across to work on OpenGL ES 2.0, this bulk of this work
is now complete and checked into svn/trunk.  While doing the
refactoring work I also took the opportunity to add support for OpenGL
ES 1.1, and open the door to supporting OpenGL 3.x - a door which Paul
Martz walked through and completed the refit/decorating ;-)

With the bulk of the porting work done and checked my focus will now
turn back towards the community, both in looking for assistance on
testing these new OpenGL targets out, and also porting across to
different embedded and desktop platforms.   For instance I now know
that the OSG is compiling under QNX with OpenGL ES, but alas we don't
yet have any CMake build support in place, also now we support OpenGL
ES it should be possible to provide a port to the iPhone/iTouch and
other embedded platforms.  Support for creating graphics GL3 contexts
under GLX isn't yet done as well.  I don't have the hardware/SDK to
try out all these different targets, but this is why the OSG community
has been historically very strong - almost all out platform ports have
been done by members of the community.  If you have the itch in any of
these areas please chip into this thread and we can coordinate out

Another side of my finally being able wrap up the OpenGL ES ports is
that I'll finally have much more scope for catching up with
osg-submissions, and start getting dev releases out the door and work
towards getting the next stable release out.  There should also be
more opportunities for me to chase up on various outstanding
design/implementation issues.  Please be patient though, I can't
suddenly tackle everything at once - my first priority is getting up
to date with submissions and a dev release out the door, and tidying
up the new OpenGL ES ports.


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