[osg-users] OSG Talent Available? (internship planning)

Eric Coppock ecoppock at ball.com
Mon Nov 16 12:20:59 PST 2009

Hi all,

I have two questions, but I'll post them separately as they really don't belong in the same thread.  Here's the first...

I'm horribly noob to OSG, but it's obvious this is pretty good stuff and a capability I could really use.  I'm heading up the second year of a 3D visualization related testbench project at work.  I will have budget for an intern or two this coming summer (June-Aug 2010).  I have a pretty good feeling that if I tell my HR department I need OSG expertise, they'll just give me a blank stare and ask "OMG?  What's OMG?"   ;)

What's the best way of getting in touch with some talented OSG student-types who would be interested in a summer gig in Aerospace?  (or is this it?)

Thank you!

Eric Coppock
Colorado, USA

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