[osg-users] [osgPlugins] Updating vertices properly + pick only one Geometry object

Bart Postma B.J.J.Postma.1 at student.rug.nl
Mon Nov 16 07:17:17 PST 2009

Thanks! It worked.

The vertex buffer objects, in combination with an element buffer object, was a bit of figuring out, but it works now. The osgparametric example in the Examples section got me on the way. It was the only example using vertex buffer objects together with an element buffer object. Perhaps I should add another example, demonstrating how to update them. Anyway, I got a performance increase from 431 fps to 558 fps.

The node mask idea also works fine. However, I saw in osgViewer::View a function computeIntersections. The function gave me the impression that it could also fix my problem, without using a node visitor. My idea was to construct an empty NodePath, push the Cloth's node in this NodePath and then pass it to computeIntersections. Unfortunately, it always says there are now intersections. Am I missing something?

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