[osg-users] Matrix xform will scale but not translate

Simon Hammett s.d.hammett at googlemail.com
Sun Nov 15 13:53:05 PST 2009

2009/11/15 Darick Barnes <dbtex352000 at yahoo.com>

> Hi,
> For some reason I cannot translate my hexagon geode made up of a
> primitiveset of LINE_STRIP
> The scaling works but translation does not.  I am modifying
> AdapterWidget.cpp --MDI  section of the code so that I can use QT4.  It is
> from the osgviewerQt example.  I have tried code in Tut07 and other examples
> but they do not work in this section of

It's working fine. By default the camera will centre itself on your scene,
so you can't see the translation.
Add another copy of the model and change the relative positions so you can
see something happening.

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