[osg-users] [osgPlugins] Updating vertices properly + pick only one Geometry object

Bart Postma B.J.J.Postma.1 at student.rug.nl
Fri Nov 13 05:51:38 PST 2009


After spending several years writing plain OpenGL, I decided to seek it a bit higher, ending up with OSG. So I am currently working on my first project with OSG and I like. However, I have two questions that, after searching this forum and the web site, are not resolved yet.

1. My current project is developing a cloth simulation and it is working. The model consists of particles connected with springs. To visualize everything I use a Geometry object representing a triangle mesh, which I update every time step by first calling the dirtyDisplayList() function. This is not a very clean solution, but OSG is rather big and not everything has been documented,  so perhaps one of you know where I should be looking for a cleaner solution. There is osgParticle and osgAnimation, though I get the impression that osgParticle has been designed for unconnected particles.

2. I want to select particles with the mouse using a pick operation and this is working now for all objects in the scene. I only need to pick the cloth's particles, but how do I let OSG only do intersection tests on the cloth's geometry? Current implementation is now:


ref_ptr<LineSegmentIntersector> intersector = new LineSegmentIntersector(Intersector::PROJECTION, x, y);
    IntersectionVisitor intersectionVisitor(intersector);

    //Get the intersected triangle
    if (intersector->containsIntersections()) {
        LineSegmentIntersector::Intersection intersection = intersector->getFirstIntersection();
        const LineSegmentIntersector::Intersection::IndexList& indexList = intersection.indexList;
        unsigned int triangle[3];
        for (unsigned int j = 0; j < 3; ++j)
            triangle[j] = indexList[j];
        //Add picked particle to selection
        clothSelector->selectNearestParticle(triangle, intersection.getWorldIntersectPoint());

I hope you guys can help me out with these two issues.[/code]

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