[osg-users] HeightField Performance

Teodor Hanchevici calin.hanchevici at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 15:41:26 PST 2009

Hi Chris,

I will try looking into shaders. I wonder if it creating a 8x8 grid of HeightFields and "glue" them to something so that they move as a single object would solve the problem.

You mentioned that the data is put into a quad-tree, is it possible to limit the depth of the tree somehow? I am willing to live with this. Anyway there will be some on the fly pre-processing of data, including building quad-trees since 25k x 25k data is common for me.

Is the quad tree computed in the HeightField or somewhere else? I wonder if it is possible to create a different HeightFiled implementation that yield better performance. Since I am a beginner with OSG, I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you!


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