[osg-users] Linking error on Windows with SVN Trunk: Traits constructor is unresolved.

Vincent Gadoury vgadoury at humancad.com
Thu Nov 12 14:15:30 PST 2009


I just updated from SVN Trunk (revision 10745) and I get many link error 
about the osg::GraphicsContext::Traits constructor as an unresolved 
symbol (from osgViewer and some other projects). I'm on Windows Vista, 
with Visual Studio 2005. I did regenerate the projects with cmake, did a 
clean and full rebuild, rebuilt specifically GraphicsContext.cpp and the 
osg library, nothing helped. The Traits constructor never appears in 

I tried adding an OSG_EXPORT in front of the Traits class 
(GraphicsContext line 69) and it fixed the build.

Does anyone has the same issue, or am I doing something wrong?


Vincent Gadoury

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