[osg-users] ShadowMap problem...

Wojciech Lewandowski lewandowski at ai.com.pl
Thu Nov 12 12:39:20 PST 2009

I agree with J-S, just try loading your scene into osgshadow and see if it 
works there. All black may mean anything btw, can you post a screenshot 
sometimes ? You seem to be this unique type who tend to prefer thousands 
words than one picture....


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Subject: Re: [osg-users] ShadowMap problem...

> Hi Wyatt,
>> Any suggestions?
> Not really. At this point you'll probably have to trace into OSG to make 
> sure the shadow map traversal is getting to the right objects (i.e. your 
> masks are set correctly), and check your shaders (perhaps even try with 
> the basic shaders that LISPSM uses by default for starters). Also, try to 
> start with the osgShadow example, and work up progressively to something 
> similar to what you have in your app, and perhaps in the process you'll 
> find out what's not working. If not, then at least you'll have a small app 
> that can demonstrate the problem, which we might be able to help with.
> Hope this helps,
> J-S
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