[osg-users] Preload textures in graphics card

Joseba Rodriguez jrodriguez at landersimulation.com
Thu Nov 12 03:53:05 PST 2009

Thanks for the reply.
The scene is loaded after realize the viewer, so I guess that i should  compile it again (i can load a scene, unload it and load another different).
These scenes are ives of around 110 Mb (without textures). In a preprocess I used the optimizer with them and i also made a kind of quadtree, making groups of  objects that are close to each others and trying to arrange a bit by stateSet inside these groups.
I know that one of the best things i could do is to use LODs and so, but one of the restrictions I have is to use the scenes withouth modifing them externally (I can do anything by program, like this preprocess).  In a future we are planing to use paged geometry, but at this moment we cant find much information about creating pagedLods from Max scenes...

The gfx card i use is a geforce gtx 280 ,1Gb mem. And the graphics mem load is less than 256 Mb.

Thank you!


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