[osg-users] Preload textures in graphics card

Joseba Rodriguez jrodriguez at landersimulation.com
Thu Nov 12 02:07:15 PST 2009


I have some big scenes (just one ive file each one). After the viewer is initialized i load one of these scenes (imagine a long road with curves) and i make the camera go along a path. 
The problem is that i notice some frame drops (peaks, mainly in curves, when new geometry comes in view). When i make a second pass, this frame drops disappear. I also used a small app for testing graphics memory and i saw that in these peaks, graphics memory usagge grows, so i guess that the main problem are textures being loaded in graphics card.

Looking in the forum I found some interesting threads about using GLObjectVisitor, but this didnt solve the problem. I dont know if i did something wrong or just this was not the solution:

struct CompileCallback : public osg::Camera::DrawCallback 
	virtual void operator() (const osg::Camera& camera)
		osgUtil::GLObjectsVisitor gov; 

view->getCamera()->setPreDrawCallback(new CompileCallback);

I also tried a solution given in this post:

viewer->setIncrementalCompileOperation(new osgUtil::IncrementalCompileOperation());

After viewer initialization (and before loadint the scene). The results where just the same.

Is there any way to preload textures in graphics card? Any other sugestion?

Thank you!


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