[osg-users] ShadowMap problem...

Wojciech Lewandowski lewandowski at ai.com.pl
Wed Nov 11 12:51:07 PST 2009

>> Generally yes, But don't turn them off but rather alter them with your
>> modified shaders.
> That's useful when the ShadowedScene is the root of the scene, and your 
> entire scene can be rendered with a single shader (or uber-shader with 
> uniforms to select different code paths). But in some cases that might not 
> be the case.

I see, that would work too.

> I find it more convenient to disable the ShadowTechnique's shaders and 
> just place my own shaders at the root of the scene. Also others may 
> customize the way their shaders are applied to individual nodes. 
> Eventually I intend to start using VirtualProgram too... :-)

I really recommend it. We developed VirtualProgram for this particular 
purpose ie to free user from creating all in one shader.


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