[osg-users] osg::Notify log archive creation

Ernesto Guevara Ramírez elguevara at uci.cu
Wed Nov 11 05:19:23 PST 2009

Hi, Robert
I'm using OSG 2.8.0 but the osgART Plugin I have at this moment is compiled without debug information, that's why 
I'm trying to redirect messages through  osg::notify(). I think to take the first option you pointed out that: 
> "I'll need to take the notify() stream and attach my own custom streambuffer to reidirect the output"

since I tried to redirect console messages without success because of the app is writen for a QT project in release mode.
Finally wether I can't to know the error I'll need to drag down the code and recompile the plugin  with debug information. 

Thanks for your soon reply.


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