[osg-users] Announcing osgWorks and osgBullet

Alberto Luaces aluaces at udc.es
Wed Nov 11 03:49:55 PST 2009

Hi Paul,

Lovely work! I assume that for now, independent threading for the
physics is handled only by the multi-threaded Bullet library, is this
correct? I couldn't find in the source any place using the
PhysicsThreading class, are you going to use it in the future?

I couldn't be able to compile the library since Bullet disables the
building of the BulletMultiThreaded library on 64 bit environments,
being it a requirement for osgBullet.



Paul Martz writes:

> Hi all -- I'm pleased to announce two new open source OSG-based
> projects, osgWorks and osgBullet, licensed under LGPL. These are
> active projects with discussion groups, source downloads, wiki, and
> issue tracking. They are actively used by the open source VE-Suite
> application. They were funded by Ames Laboratory and created primarily
> by myself / Skew Matrix Software.
> osgWorks is a set of applications and software tools useful to OSG
> software developers. It features a set of command line analysis tools,
> a library with utility functions and NodeVisitors for things like
> screen capture, scene graph comparison, and polygon decimation, and
> plugins to support .OSG and hierarchical structure storage.
> For more information on osgWorks and to download the source, visit:
> http://osgworks.vesuite.org
> osgBullet is a set of software tools for applications that use both
> OSG and the Bullet physics library. It features utilities to create
> Bullet collision shapes from OSG data and vice versa, run the physics
> simulation in a separate host thread, debug utilities to display
> Bullet collision shapes in an OSG scene, support for arbitrary scaling
> and center of mass, and support for COLLADA.
> For more information on osgBullet and to download the source, visit:
> http://osgbullet.vesuite.org
> For questions, please either post here or to the project discussion
> groups hosted on Google Groups.

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