[osg-users] LISPSM problem/question

Wojciech Lewandowski lewandowski at ai.com.pl
Tue Nov 10 04:56:06 PST 2009

Hi Frederik,

Default vertex shader ( see line 278 of osgShadow::StandardShadowMap) 
passes specular component through gl_SecondaryColor. If you expect specular 
to be mixed with diffuse and ambient on primary  gl_Color  then you may need 
to adjust the shaders. Use setMainVertexShader / setMainFragmentShader 
methods to alter default shaders.

I cannot exclude there is a bug somewere. I did not test specular highlits 
with osgshadow example.  If there is a bug, then again, above setXXXshader 
methods could be most probably used to apply workarounds.

Wojtek Lewandowski

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> Hi,
> I am using the LISPSM shadow technique. It works great for the most of the 
> time. However i have noticed that the specular-light component doesn't 
> seems to work.
> Is this a know issue or am I doing something wrong?
> /Fredrik
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