[osg-users] Announcing osgWorks and osgBullet

Paul Martz pmartz at skew-matrix.com
Mon Nov 9 15:25:04 PST 2009

Jan Ciger wrote:
> Yes, there is osgPhysics, but it is using the PAL abstraction layer which 
> doesn't work with gcc properly due to the way it is loading the physics 
> engines on the fly. Even with static build I have never managed to get the 
> examples to work.

My client and I considered and dismissed PAL as unusable and decided to 
focus directly on Bullet instead.

Rather than integrate Bullet into OSG (or vice versa), the design 
philosophy of osgBullet is to provide a lightweight utility library that 
enables the application to use both the Bullet and OSG APIs directly.

As far as COLLADA goes, our original intent was to create large sets of 
collision shapes as an offline process, and selectively load them at 
runtime. However, midway through development, we discovered that the 
Bullet COLLADA loader was extremely inefficient, as much as 10 times 
slower than simply recreating the collision shapes at runtime. So 
osgBullet contains some support for COLLADA but it has really fallen 
into disuse at this point.

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