[osg-users] Announcing osgWorks and osgBullet

Ulrich Hertlein u.hertlein at sandbox.de
Mon Nov 9 14:28:23 PST 2009

On 9/11/09 10:23 PM, Jan Ciger wrote:
> Paul Martz<pmartz at skew-matrix.com>  wrote:
>> osgBullet is a set of software tools for applications that use both OSG
>> and the Bullet physics library. It features utilities to create Bullet
>> collision shapes from OSG data and vice versa, run the physics
>> simulation in a separate host thread, debug utilities to display Bullet
>> collision shapes in an OSG scene, support for arbitrary scaling and
>> center of mass, and support for COLLADA.
>> For more information on osgBullet and to download the source, visit:
>> http://osgbullet.vesuite.org
> Paul, you are my hero! I was working on integrating COLLADA and Bullet as we
> speak :)

Likewise, just last week I updated bullet and was considering updating my own bullet/osg 
integration layer!  This is great news!

But I was wondering: wasn't there some sort of osgPhysics effort that was aiming to 
provide an independent physics layer?


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