[osg-users] Databasepager + multiple views + different camera positions = memory leak?

David Glenn david.e.glenn.ctr at navy.mil
Mon Nov 9 13:01:06 PST 2009

> BTW are aware of any publicly available Terra Page terrain?

Off hand I'm not sure that there is any! Have you tried contacting Presagis? Thay have the rights for  Terra Page and might have a sample.

I'm about to challange Presagis to make a "ive" output for there TerraVista program.  

I haven't tryed to generate any TerraPage terrain using TerraVista, hince I don't have anything to give. 

All the terrain that I'm alowed to make at the moment is OpenFlight. 

FYI: TerraVista generated terrain (that is made to OpenFlight) works well in OSG (after it is converted to an ive file).

D Glenn

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