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Mon Nov 9 10:35:08 PST 2009



I'm currently trying to upgrade from OSG-1.2 to OSG-2.8.0 to upgrade a process currently in place. I'm trying to load this new version from scratch on a Windows XP machine with VS 2003 .NET. I'm following the instructions from:




and have set up all of my environment variables, and I ran CMake to get my solution, and upon building the entire solution, I'm receiving over 250 link errors in the "plugins ogr" project similar to:



Creating library C:\CMHP\OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0_orig\OpenSceneGraph\lib\Debug\osgdb_ogrd.lib and object C:\CMHP\OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0_orig\OpenSceneGraph\lib\Debug\osgdb_ogrd.exp

ReaderWriterOGR.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: virtual enum CPLErr __thiscall GDALMajorObject::SetMetadataItem(char const *,char const *,char const *)" (?SetMetadataItem at GDALMajorObject@@UAE?AW4CPLErr@@PBD00 at Z)


Does anyone know what I'm missing here? Also, has the osgDem application gone away since OSG-1.2?



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