[osg-users] Renderer and SceneView classes

Andreas Goebel a-goebel at gmx.de
Mon Nov 9 07:08:23 PST 2009

Doug McCorkle schrieb:
> Hello Robert,
> On Nov 9, 2009, at 3:22 AM, Robert Osfield wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 2:44 PM, Paul Martz <pmartz at skew-matrix.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Robert -- There are large projects out there based on SceneView and
>>> getting along just fine without osgViewer. Removing SceneView would, at
>>> best, require them to migrate SceneView out of OSG and into their
>>> own app
>>> (where it would continue to work, barring future incompatible
>>> changes in
>>> OSG). And at worst, cost them an expensive port and re-verification
>>> of their
>>> product.
>>> I support marking SceneView as deprecated and replaced by Renderer, but
>>> think it would be wise to avoid changes to OSG that render SceneView
>>> inoperable.
>> This has been my plan.  To steadily move more functionality into
>> osgViewer::Renderer and make SceneView redundant w.r.t modern OSG
>> usage.   SceneView needn't change too much, as
>> CullVisitor/RenderStage/RenderBin etc. will still be in osgUtil.
>> Once SceneView is redundant we'd need to make decision of when to move
>> it out of the core OSG into the deprecated section of the subversion
>> repository along with items like the old OpenFlight plugin.   Prior to
>> SceneView being moved out we'll need a period where we encourage OSG
>> users still relying on SceneView to migrate to using osgViewer::Viewer
>> in conjunction with osgViewer::GraphicsWindowEmbedded, as it offers
>> the same easy ability to embed but offers a whole heap more
>> flexibility and functionality.
> Do you have an example of how to use this class with an existing
> windowing toolkit? There was an FAQ on this subject related to
> SceneView that does not seem to be present anymore. If you have an
> example related to osgViewer that would be great.
osgViewerGlut does this, for instance.



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