[osg-users] Epic releases free version of Unreal Editor

Cedric Pinson cedric.pinson at plopbyte.net
Sat Nov 7 16:29:44 PST 2009

Hi Simon,
Blender file is a container like 3dsmax file. If you want to load .blend
in osg directly it will be very complex and not suitable for a lot of
Anyway, if you really want it i would suggest to make a plugin that run
osg export in background mode and then load the result in osg.

Of course it depends of your usage, i use osgexport and it works very
well, do you have some problem with it ?


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On Fri, 2009-11-06 at 19:14 +0000, Simon Hammett wrote:
> 2009/11/6 Jean-Sébastien Guay <jean-sebastien.guay at cm-labs.com>:
> > Hi all,
> >
> >> looks much better
> >
> > I didn't mean to start a discussion about engine licensing and use. I
> > assumed that if we're here it's probably because we want to use OSG and
> > design / write our own engines!
> >
> > I was focusing on the toolset. And in fact, I was probably overly
> > enthusiastic about the Unreal toolset being available, because the licensing
> > terms say that it (the engine in this case includes the toolset) can only be
> > used for free for noncommercial and educational projects. So that rules out
> > using it to make assets for an OSG-based commercial project, which is what I
> > was excited about.
> >
> > Oh well. I guess Blender + text editor is still the (free) toolset of
> > choice...
> Yah, blender is the only tool I've found useful with osg so far.
> Even then you have to be careful.
> I've gotten good results with exporting blender -> .lwo as long as you
> split your model meshes up the right way, so you can run the smoothing visitor
> on it.
> At some point when I've got time I would like to add crease angle support
> to the visitor which would make modelling a whole lot easier.
> It would be nice if osg could load directly out of .blend files, but the code in
> blender that deals with the file format is huge.
> Maybe somebody who is particularly bored could have a go at
> refactoring the .blend
> code into a separate library.
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