[osg-users] Epic releases free version of Unreal Editor

Simon Hammett s.d.hammett at googlemail.com
Sat Nov 7 11:05:09 PST 2009

2009/11/7 Jan Ciger <jan.ciger at gmail.com>:
> Simon Hammett <s.d.hammett at googlemail.com> wrote:
>> Well .lwo was the first format I found that worked and it's binary so
>> the models load quickly.
>> The apps I work on, load lots of stuff outta dbs, run third party dlls
>> & black boxes etc
>> on start up, so they are already irritatingly slow to start up.
> Well, you export to .osg and then you can always convert to binary .ive once
> you are happy with the model.

which is yet another step in the process.
that's making things more complicated, not less.
and .lwo works rather nicely so why change?

>> There's also the problem with setting up new machines to run a project;
>> It takes ages to join the code co-op projects, install boost & other
>>  libraries, black boxes, etc, etc. Adding another step of installing
>>  blender and then getting
>> the export script as well just makes things take longer.
> Hmm, how is that different from going the .lwo route? You need Blender
> installed and export to .lwo as well, no?

yes, but you don't have to hunt up the osg exporter script and install that.
again, it's adding yet another step the process.

>> Nice, thanks for the info, I'll look in to that.
>> I'd prefer to load models directly out of the .blend file,
>> it would save mucking about with exporting.

> You can actually automate the export - e.g. the Soya3D engine does it in that
> way that whenever the user requests a .blend  file to be loaded, it spawns
> Blender in the background calling it with a command line argument to load the
> model and call the export script. The result is then cached and the model is
> re-exported only when the .blend file is newer than the cached data. The user
> never has to tinker with the exporter, they just notice Blender starting once
> when the model is exported for the first time.
> Jan

Well I could do that on my development machine, but I'm not going to
take that route
for client machines.

Sometimes our apps are rolled out to many hundreds of machines;
am I supposed to ask them to install blender, install the export
script, then install our app
x 700 times? That's just not going to fly.

Exporting to .lwo is easy and if that readblend library you mentioned
is a viable route then
I can simplify things by removing another job that I have to do.

btw, do you have any xp with that library?
I'd much appreciate any thing extra you can tell me about it.


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