[osg-users] Renderer and SceneView classes

Dan R nicetan at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 04:46:52 PST 2009

Hello, I'm new to OSG and am just looking over the code structure to
better learn how a proper scene graph library is laid out. I'm
interested in using (porting a stripped down version) of osg for a
project I'm working on in another language. I pretty much understand
the flow of the graph, however, when it comes down to the actual
rendering traversal I get a bit lost. So I have these two questions,
but maybe being directed to some older posts would be good answers...

1) The osgViewer::Renderer class appears frequently throughout the
code, however, it seems to be based around the osgUtils::SceneView
class. The SceneView class says that it's deprecated. Does this also
mean that the Renderer class is deprecated, or simply that any calls
to SceneView are no longer used in the normal work flow?

2) In a SingleThreaded case, where are the operations that result in
rendering the Drawables get added? I see that in the
renderingTraversals method, it first traverses the graph with a
getBound() call, then goes through each camera and does a cull() (this
uses a Renderer object from my first question), then goes through each
GraphicsContext and calls runOperations. Where I get lost is, where
are the operations for the GraphicsContext defined and added, that
actually end up doing the work of rendering the drawables?

Any direction in this case would clear a lot up for me, thanks,


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