[osg-users] osgText problems - nVidia FX card

Matt Franklin mattfranklin1 at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 6 10:19:01 PST 2009

I have a problem with terrapage loader and osgText.

I have a terrapage database loading via a composite viewer, when I call
osgText.setText every now and again some of the textures are trashed
(renders black from some angles) and even some of the nodes do not render at
all. Memory usage goes through the roof and eventually I get a crash. Has
anyone else come across this problem? I have run the same application on a
range of non quadro nvidia and intel cards but have not had the same
problem. The current card I am using is and nVidia 3700 Fx driver v191
running under Windows Xp 32bit OpenSceneGraph 2.8.0.

I have tracked the trigger down to when the length of the text changes in
the call to setText. If the text does not change length then the problem
does not occur. I can recreate the problem by showing the Stats in the
viewer and hovering around 100Hz. The change from three digits to two and
back seems to trigger the effect. I have checked the following so far:
I am updating in a draw callback
I have set the variance of the text to dynamic
I have set the threading model to single threaded
If I attach the Visual studio 2008 debugger it does not seem to occur.

Is this likely to be a driver problem or am I missing some other trick?
Since the application does not crash until a few minutes after the
corruption I don't have a stack trace to share.
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