[osg-users] Epic releases free version of Unreal Editor

Jeremy Moles jeremy at emperorlinux.com
Fri Nov 6 06:53:21 PST 2009

On Thu, 2009-11-05 at 23:03 -0500, Jean-Sébastien Guay wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> > Yeah I spent quite a bit of time playing with the UT editor way back
> > with the release before UT 2K3
> > It was crap then and I doubt it's got any better. 
> This release is not the level editor that shipped with any of the games. 
> It's the toolset that was used to create the assets for the games (along 
> with the engine itself). It was not previously available without paying 
> a lot of money for licenses of the SDK.
> > Call me cynical but I don't see this as any more than a last gasp of
> > an irrelevant game dev. studio.
> The problem with that reasoning is that the Unreal Engine is not used 
> only by Epic in their own games (even though "the last UT sucked nads" 
> which is a very compelling and objective argument) but by a very large 
> number of other devs. That was the basis of my argument about large 
> numbers of people knowing the toolset.
> Once again, we're not talking about the freely downloadable level 
> editor, but the actual toolset and engine used by the game development 
> teams to create assets, scripts, etc. during development of the games. 
>  From what I've heard, the Unreal Engine is one of the most 
> well-regarded toolsets in the industry. Many many games have been made 
> with it, in many genres, including shooters, RPGs, MMOs, etc. Look it up.

I read the commercial licensing and I refused to learn anything more.
25% of your revenue? No thanks.

> J-S
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