[osg-users] New OSGChina wiki published

derek he derekhe at april1985.com
Thu Nov 5 23:39:47 PST 2009

Hello everyone,

OSGChina.org has established a new wiki for Chinese OSG developer. Address
is http://wiki.osgchina.org. If you visit the old www.osgchina.org without
click the old site url, it will automatically redirect you to the new wiki.
Wiki is based on MediaWiki program and now has a few pages available. We
encourage you and your friends to join us and maintain this wiki.

The main goal is to replace the old www.osgchina.org wiki which is static
and can not be edited. In the future, the wiki will be the place containing
Chinese news about OSG , tutorials for beginners, and advanced OSG
programming for experts.

To get the goal, we need your help and response. No matter you are new here
or you are an expert, you can edit the pages freely and post your ideas or
change the simple mistakes.

You can do the following things but not limit to these:

   - Post a screen-shot or demo of your work
   - Move some tutorials from bbs.osgchina.org, or even write some
   - If you joined our QQ group and you ask a question and friends give you
   the way to solve your problem, you can create a page and post it
   - Translate some useful pages on English OSG official site
   - (and so on)

In the end, please register first and start help us.
If you have new ideas, please tell us!

Derek He
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