[osg-users] Tips for low-end GPUs?

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at kerlabs.com
Wed Nov 4 08:42:56 PST 2009

Robert Osfield <robert.osfield at gmail.com> (04/11/2009):
> Hi Cyril,

Hi Robert,

> I'm afriad getting low end performance from low end graphics
> hardware is something we have to live with and do our best to work
> around.  In some cases app developers can recommend to their end
> users they use more suitable hardware, I know even in some cases
> they have bought graphics hardware for their clients just to avoid
> issues with performance and driver quality.

well, it's particularly unpleasant to get stuck with a few FPS with a
few boxes and spheres using a “high performance 3D graphics toolkit”
while the same hardware makes it possible to play OpenArena or even
Nexuiz (granted, in a quite degraded mode). So yes, I'm quite familiar
with reading on this list that people might want to get better GPUs
and so on, but in my case it looked like there were at least
sufficient hardware performances to be taken advantage of.

> If you are stuck having to support low end hardware then you'll need
> to work out what the bottlenecks are and address them accordingly.
> The same principles will work for all hardware - are you CPU
> limited?  GPU limited?  Fill limited or transform limited?  Lots of
> questions and there will be even more answers.  Performance
> optimization is a *huge* topic covered many times on osg-users so I
> recommend you do searches on this this topic.

Having plenty of threads to dig through (eventually with things being
said and rehearsed) makes it a bit hard to get anything usable; it's
also easy to get into a very case-specific discussion.

That's why I think it'd be nice to have a wiki page offering a kind of
checklist of what can be:
 - ruining performances (like full-detailed spheres);
 - done to check it (like StatsHandler);
 - done to improve the situation;

Not necessarily much detailed, just pointing back to appropriate mail
threads for example. But just so that people can get the big picture
and quickcheck their stuff before bothering this list again.

Please note I'm not *demanding* it, I'm merely suggesting it to save
everyone time in the future.

(As for my specific case, TessellationHints on my spheres led me to
60 FPS. Even on crappy Intel cards. Yay.)

Cyril Brulebois
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