[osg-users] osgsteroimage on HMD

Luigi LANEVE luigi.laneve at cetma.it
Wed Nov 4 06:57:04 PST 2009

I want to realize something similar to osgstereoimage application, in order to visualize left_image.jpeg  on left eye and righ_image.jpeg on right eye.

My visualization HW is composed by:
- HMD : PC3D SVGA Glasses, IO-Display, DDC stereo Protocol 
- Graphic CARD: QUADRO FX 540 Graphic card.

For a standard 3D application i set the QUAD_BUFFER stereo mode and i see in stereo ie with a  simple osgviewer commnad.

My question is:
How can i draw image_left in the left buffer and image_right in the right buffer... is it possible?
Any idea in order to obtain this goal?

Thank you!


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